My favourite treatment to perform would be Dermapen. It’s my go to treatment for most skin conditions. Dermapen amplifies the results from every other treatment that I do. It addresses such a wide range of patient concerns.

With my magic pen, I can lighten sun damage, smooth scarring, reduce under eye puffiness, eradicate acne and rejuvenate lines and wrinkles, with very little downtime. Tiny needles vibrate in and out of the skin. The body then repairs the skin with a whole lot of new collagen. Resulting in thicker skin with fewer imperfections.

Every patient that sees me will, at some point, have a course of Dermapen. When used in conjunction with correct homecare (prescribed by us) with peels and LED, I can achieve fresh, healthy and bright skin on all my patients.

Patients can expect to see an improvement in their skin as early as one week post treatment. While patients are reveling in their clear skin, deeper down the dermis is creating more collagen. This process takes 4 to 6 weeks to kick in and continues for up to 24 months.

The results from Dermpaen are very long lasting, with patients only needing to have follow up treatment every 6 months.

We take very good care of our patients when it comes to skin needling.

  • We apply a fantastic topical anesthetic to make Dermapen a very comfortable procedure.
  • Patients will receive a tailored infusion (peptides and lightening serums) during the treatment
  • You will take home a specialized mask for cooling the skin that night.

I look forward to seeing you for some DERMAPEN!