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Exosomes for Hair

at Facelove Medispa

All treatments carry risks and benefits, which will be discussed in your consultation. All information is general. Patient results are variable case by case. All before and after photos were signed out in a release from the patient.

+ - What is the treatment?

The treatment involves exosomes introduced into the scalp for hair restoration and regeneration.

Exosomes are natural particles that our cells release. They act like messengers, carrying important information between cells. They’re derived from stem cells, taken from healthy, human fat cells. When used cosmetically, exosomes have the ability to restore and reactivate hair follicles to effectively treat both male and female hair loss.

+ - How does the treatment work?

Healthy cells send an exosome to an unhealthy cell so that a damaged cell can begin to repair and regenerate itself. Exosomes can be infused into the scalp in multiple ways including topically after skin needling or laser treatments.

During your treatment we introduce 10 billion stem cell exosomes (along with 13 types of growth factors & peptides) that work to restore and reactivate hair follicles to treat both male and female hair loss.

Key ingredients:

  1. 10 billlion Adipose stem cell exosomes
  2. Eklonia cava
  3. Hair P complex


  • 1 vial (5mL) once to targeted scalp area
  • Treatment every 2 weeks
  • To complete 4 sessions in 2 months
  • Maintain every 2-3 months

Results are usually evident in 2 months post treatment.

+ - Is there any downtime?

Downtime is minimal. After treatment your scalp may experience some mild sesnsitivity where the exosomes have been introduced. The treated scalp area may appear a little pink/red.

+ - What can I expect from the treatment overall?

You can expect fuller, thicker and increased density of hair in the treated area. There is usually noticeable treatment results within 2 months.


All treatments performed by a dermal therapist


Efficient equipment for outstanding results


15 years experience in the aesthetic industry

Treatment Plan

Step by step, holistic treatment plan to achieve the desired result