Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) Skin Needling

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+ - What is the CIT treatment?

After your initial 45 minute consultation with a Facelove practitioner, you may find you have some textural issues with your skin that you would like to improve.

The texture of our skin is important for overall beauty and wellbeing. Some skin issues that could be described as textural are;

  • wrinkles
  • ‘crepey’ skin
  • under eye lines
  • scars
  • large pores
  • sun damage
  • lip lines

We can treat all of these issues with Dermapen 4 skin needling treatment, also sometimes called “collagen induction therapy”.

This treatment can also be used to reduce melasma and pigmentation.

In approximately 30 minutes you will have a Dermapen 4 passed over each area of your face 3 times. The Dermapen 4 oscillates needles in and out of the skin rapidly. This is relatively pain free as the needles travel extremely quickly. The tiny needles are one use only in a replaceable cartridge that sits in this pen like device.

We use hyaluronic (water loving) balm to keep the tip of the Dermapen 4 lubricated, again making the treatment very comfortable.

A significant post-treatment benefit is better penetration of your active skin care. Though topical agents such as retinol or resurfacing acids are highly encouraged, they should be avoided for a few days due to increased post-treatment sensitivity.

You can return to work after this treatment (with make up for females), it has minimal downtime.

You will need between 4 and 8 sessions for best results (about 4 weeks apart).

+ - How does the treatment work?

As we age our skin loses collagen and elastin. Our skin becomes thinner and less resilient to our surroundings. To protect itself our skin has an amazing ability to heal wounds. In other words, when the skin is injured it produces new collagen, to heal the wound and to close it.

The Dermapen penetrates the skin with tiny needles over and over very quickly. These little tunnels created by the tiny needles create a wound. The skin then sets about healing these tiny little holes. New collagen and new skin cells are created to heal the damage brought about by the Dermapen. You can see why it is also called ‘Collagen Induction Therapy”. The Dermapen literally encourages your skin to create more collagen and new skin cells.

The healing process creates smoother skin with less textural imperfections. Over 3-4 sessions you can see an overall improvement in textural issues.

You need multiple sessions for the best results (around 4 to 8 sessions, 4 weeks apart).

+ - What can I expect on the day after treatment?

Post treatment, you can return to work and continue normal duties immediately. Some patients might experience slight redness for a day or two post treatment. This can be easily covered with make-up or tinted sunscreen. A very small percentage of patients treated may experience mild swelling on the day after treatment.

+ - What can I expect from the treatment overall?

After you complete your Dermapen skin needling treatment plan you can expect;

  • overall improvement in skin texture
  • smaller pores
  • reduced acne scarring
  • reduced under eye lines
  • smoother wrinkles
  • reduced pigmentation
  • improved penetration of active skin care

As usual it is vital to continue using active skin care (such as Regenerate Skin Care available in our online store) and to protect your skin every day with a sunscreen.


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