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Skinlove Society

Love your skin for $99 a month

Healthy, glowing skin is a goal for all our clients at Facelove. But it can be difficult to know which skin treatments to do, when to do them and how to fit them into your busy schedule.

This is why we are introducing Facelove’s Skinlove Society

How does the Skinlove Society work?

For just $99 a month, direct debited for your convenience, you can choose one of the following skin treatments per calendar month:

1 x Resurfacing peel (valued at $110)
1 x Express Microhydrabrasion (Valued at $120)
1 x Product from the Facelove Skin Care range

By joining this program, you will also receive a 10% discount on all our medically active skin care purchases PLUS a 15% discount on RF Micro-needling treatments PLUS a 25% discount on additional dermal therapies.

Join The Skin Love Society
+ - Why do I need Skinlove Society in my life?

To have the best possible skin condition you need to have regular treatments that will promote skin cell turnover and induce your own collagen production. The combination of regular light resurfacing peels and microdermabrasion is ideal to create healthier glowing skin.

Light Resurfacing Peels (Valued at $110)

Light resurfacing peels are a great way to encourage faster cell turnover, these peels have minimal downtime and you can go about your normal life. Light peels can also

  • reduce pigmentation
  • reduce pore size
  • increase hydration
  • reduce acne breakouts
  • induce collagen stimulation

Celebrity Dermatologist Dr Ava Shamban says that peels can actually benefit everyone, no matter your particular skin concern. “Everyone can use faster skin-cell turnover and a more even skin texture. If your goal is fresh, smooth, glowing, youthful skin, peels should become an important pillar of your skincare regimen,” she says. At Facelove we have 5 different types of peels to choose from.

Express Microhydrabrasion (Valued at $120)

Microdermabrasion with infused antioxidants is an excellent way to sweep away the dead skin layers with a gentle diamond tipped head. The head is rough to the touch but gentle on the skin. Passing the diamond head over the skin whilst hydrating with antioxidants creates the ideal environment for skin renewal.

Microhydrabrasion can also

  • be the best gentle method of exfoliation of dead skin cells
  • improve skin texture (reduce roughness)
  • clear and minimise pores
  • deeply cleanse the skin
  • offer a better treatment than microdermabrasion because water is passed over the skin to thoroughly cleanse
  • improve penetration of topical antioxidants used whilst having the treatment
  • reduce pigmentation
  • improve the efficacy of your at home skin routine by removing the dead skin cells regularly

Remember, just like all things in life you need a strategy to get the best results for your skin. You schedule regular hair styling appointments for the best hair you can have, you schedule regular dental appointments for the best smile you can have, now schedule regular medical skin treatments for the best skin you can have. These treatments have been proven in peer reviewed clinical journal articles to improve your skin. Having regular skin treatments that are scientifically backed is the best way to get the skin that you want.

Make yourself a priority and treat your skin to some love. Beautiful skin requires commitment, not a miracle.

Ready to love your skin?

Joining Facelove’s Skinlove Society is easy, you can sign up online. Click the button below, enter your details and start loving your skin.

Join The Skin Love Society
+ - Skinlove Society Terms and Conditions
  1. Minimum three month commitment $99 a month.
  2. Valid for one light resurfacing peel, one express micro or one Regenerate Skin care product (excluding Renew Peptide Serum) per month.
  3. 10% off skin care purchases whilst an active member
  4. 25% off additional dermal therapies (excluding Fractional CO2 Laser Resurfacing & Fractional RF treatment).
  5. Not to be used in conjunction with any other offer, promotion, or package.
  6. Treatments or skin care not transferable to other people.
  7. Treatments must be used within the month.
  8. Cannot be saved or deferred.
  9. Membership can be suspended in 30-day increments.
  10. 2 weeks’ written notice required or will be billed on regularly scheduled day.
  11. If Facelove is unable to accommodate your chosen appointment time, treatment may be deferred to another month.
  12. Patient must provide at least 3 alternate dates and times in the month to be deemed the fault of Facelove.
  13. If you are unable to attend the clinic one month, skin care can be sent to you instead.
  14. If 3 appointments are missed or rescheduled with less than 24 hours’ notice, membership will not be renewed and other options suggested for skin improvement.
  15. Patient must inform practitioner about any change in medication or health.
  16. If a treatment cannot be performed due to contraindications, patient may receive a skin care product instead.
  17. Not suitable for pregnant or breastfeeding women.


All treatments performed by a dermal therapist


Efficient equipment for outstanding results


15 years experience in the aesthetic industry

Treatment Plan

Step by step, holistic treatment plan to achieve the desired result