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Double chins. We all hate them. That stubborn little pocket of fat under our chin has us taking selfies from above, wearing scarves and high neck tops. It has been shown in data that men will often grow a beard to hide their double chin.  Some people say diet and exercise will fix a double chin.  While diet and exercise are an important part of every life it won’t necessarily remove pockets of stubborn fat such as double chins.  Thankfully, we have a solution that can get you taking photos with confidence and permanently remove the double chin (non-surgically).


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What is the fat dissolving injection treatment?

The double chin or ‘sub-mental fat’ can be an annoying aesthetic feature. Often you can exercise and eat right and still keep your double chin. We now have an injectable solution to the double chin problem. No surgery.

No more scarves, no more beards, no more ‘selfies’ from above….it’s time to do your ‘chin-ups’.

This new product is an injectable enzyme that significantly reduces double chin fat. The treatment has become very popular globally and we are one of the first clinics in Victoria to offer it. The product was launched in November 2016 and it is made by the world class pharmaceutical company Allergan. The product is also used in the USA and Allergan has used Khloe Kardashian as a spokesperson to discuss her experience with the product.

How does the fat dissolving injection treatment work?

The injectable product is an enzyme that ruptures the fat cell wall. When the fat cell wall is broken down the body can break down the fat as waste product and eliminate it from the body. This process takes minimal time. We build up sub-mental (double chin) fat over a period of time and it can be stubborn to remove. 

Once you have been assessed by our doctors and nurses for suitability you will be injected into the sub- mental fat with this product. You will ice the area before treatment and after. There can be quite a bit of initial swelling and so its important to ice the area before and after. The fat cell walls are ruptured by the enzyme resulting in a decrease of your double chin.

Two or more treatments are required – Importantly patients need 2 x treatment for the best results (sometimes more than 2 treatments). In the registration study it was shown that 2 treatments is the minumim required and 6 treatments is the maximum. We will schedule you with 2 appointments, 6 weeks apart initially at Facelove Medispa.

What can I expect on the day after treatment?

There is some significant swelling on the day after injection. Expect the double chin to increase in size. The treatment permanently reduces the fat cells essentially by ‘lysing’ the cell wall. This process is the reason there is initial swelling for 2 days or more. The swelling is a ‘good’ sign that the treatment is working. Do not take medications to reduce the swelling. You may take Panadol is you have any pain.

There can be a little soreness and some bruising. After a couple of days the swelling will subside. The soreness can persist for a few more days and there can be some initial firm lumps. By the end of one week there should be minimal impact to your life. We recommend you take at least 2-3 days off work post treatment.

Where else on my Body can I have this treatment?

This product is only recommended for use in double chins only at this stage. We do not put it in other body parts.

What can I expect from the treatment overall?

The injectable treatment is one of the best ways to reduce double chin fat without the need for surgery (liposuction).

The fat cells are destroyed permanently. There is also some skin tightening with this treatment.

With the correct number of treatments you can expect a significant reduction in sub-mental fat (double chin fat).

As discussed this product has only just been launched in Australia and our Clinical Director Mike Clague has studied the product in L.A. with Dr Ava SHamban (original investigator on the product for Allergan USA).

As we are familiar with the product early in it’s launch you can rest assured we are comfortable with its use.

Call the clinic to book your consultation and to see if you are a suitable candidate.

How much does the fat dissolving injection treatment cost?

The investment for double chin fat dissolving injections starts from $1400 per treatment. A minimum of two treatments are required.

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