Skin Refining Facial

at Facelove Medispa

  • Instant lifting and firming effect
  • Brighter and refined skin tone
  • Dewy complexion
  • Safe for sensitive skin

The skin refining facial starts with a cleanse using an AHA/BHA cleanser followed by a gentle exfoliation. This is achieved using our Microhydrabrasion technology. The diamond tipped head and vacuum essentially removes dead skin cells and reveals a new layer of skin which looks and feels much smoother.

This is followed by a hydrating and firming enzyme gel mask containing a diverse and potent collection of peptides that provide skin with a visible lift and improve the appearance of fine lines.

To complete and enhance the effects of the skin refining facial, a led light therapy session is included. This LED & LLLT treatment provides many deep rejuvenating benefits to the post facial skin.

Immediately after Facelove’s skin refining facial, your skin will look and feel brighter, firmer and ready for anything.

The Skin Refining Facial is $170 for 45 minutes

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