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facelove: bespoke, artistic aesthetic treatments by highly skilled practitioners in a discreet, relaxing and luxurious environment.

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Here at facelove, we offer a range of treatments to keep you looking and feeling your best.



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Education is important. We love keeping our clients informed and updated about new products, treatments and industry news with our blog.

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Mike Clague Published in Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Peer Reviewed Journal - https://link.springer.com/article/10.1007/s00266-017-0981-1 So what is the angle of Mike and Dr Ava’s clinical paper? For many years cosmetic injectors have been taught to mark out the area for cheek filler.  We use a white eyebrow pencil to mark out important areas of the cheek. Attending conferences and lectures you will always see the trainer using something..
woman in a straw hat at the beach applying sunscreen to her shoulder Why Should You Wear a Sunscreen Every Day? - Why should you wear sunscreen every day ?  Steph Yalda – Dermal Therapist, Facelove Medispa I particularly wanted to write this blog because out of everything that I do, this is probably the most important part of a good skin care routine. It’s about sunscreen,  (queue eye roll)   I find that sunscreen is the..
Anti-Wrinkle Injections and Dermal Fillers: How much are they going to cost me? - One of the most common enquiries that we receive her at Facelove is: How much? This is such a natural question, however it is almost impossible to answer without first coming in for a consultation.  The problem is that there are so many variables that need to be taken into account so every patient is..
two attractive women in winter clothes eating oranges with a winter scene in the background What can Vitamin C do for your Skin? - Hey Face……. it’s me, WINTER! Brrrrrr…..During the chilly days of winter, we often take Vitamin C to boost our body’s immunity to fight off illness, stay healthy and provide protection during the cold season.  It is also handy to know how applying vitamin C topically during this time can protect and improve our skin.  No..
LED lights glowing red What are the Benefits of LED Light Therapy? - What are the benefits of LED Light Therapy?  LED Light Therapy feels a bit naughty. Australians are some of the most sun smart people on the planet. Even in dreary Melbourne, you wouldn’t think about lying out on the beach to sun bathe without protection from the sun. On the outside, LED Low Level Light Therapy..
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