The Liquid Lift Treatment

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Everyone wants a subtle lift to their facial appearance.  We often hear people say ‘everything is going south as I age’.  This can happen from a young age, the more facial volume you lose the more you can look tired.  There’s nothing worse than people asking if you are tired or unwell.   We can restore the lost volume in your face to create a ‘lifted’ appearance. 

We will have your friends asking if you’ve been on a holiday with our natural looking ‘Liquid Lift’.  We place fillers in the areas that appear to be ‘sagging’ to create a refreshed beautiful appearance.  We can perform this on female and male patients.


All our dermal fillers are dissolvable and registered in the ARTG, AUST R 67311, AUST R 172264

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Treatment Plan

Step by step, holistic treatment plan to achieve the desired result

What is the Liquid Lift treatment?

After a 45 minute initial consultation, your Facelove practitioner will discuss a treatment plan involving 3-5 ml of dermal filler. This dermal filler will be placed strategically to ensure a natural, smooth result.

It is important to treat the midface first with dermal fillers before the lower face. You realize all those ‘square’ faced celebrities with bad filler results have over filled the lower third of their face. For females, the upper two thirds of the face should be dominant and the lowest third passive. We can explain this concept of beauty when you come in for your 45 minute initial consultation.

How does the Liquid Lift treatment work?

After assessment with one of our highly skilled healthcare practitioners, a treatment plan will be created with 3 to 5 ml of dermal fillers. This can be completed over a period of time or all at once. It’s up to you. These dermal fillers are based on a sugar molecule and completely dissolvable. At Facelove medispa, we only use dermal fillers that can be dissolved for patient saftey.

Our healthcare practitioners are highly skilled and really do love what they do. Injecting muscle relaxants and dermal fillers is an art and a science. We ensure a natural result. We do not want your friends or your partner asking ‘What have you done to your face?”. We aim for a subtle lifting illusion from the dermal fillers, hence the name ‘The Liquid Lift”.

What can I expect on the day after the Liquid Lift treatment?

You might have a little redness in the injected area for an hour, bruising is also a possibility. Try to lay off the fish oil, other omega 3 products, anti inflammatory drugs and red wine for 24 hours before treatment. These products all slow clotting of the blood and may result in increased bruising.

What can I expect from the the Liquid Lift treatment overall?

‘The Liquid Lift’ results in an improvement in overall appearance and an illusion of facial lifting. You can expect a result that you would describe as ‘refreshed’ not overdone. Longevity of the thicker dermal fillers is 12 months or more.

View individual case studies of the liquid lift for women aged 30 to 60+ here.

If you are considering a Liquid Lift then at the end of the treatment plan you may want to consider enhancing your lips.  We can do this in a very natural looking way that lasts.  Learn more about our Lip Filler treatment here.

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Tip - When selecting your injector, always insist of viewing photos of their own work

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