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Lip Fillers

at Facelove Medispa

+ - What is the lip filler treatment?

After your initial 45 minute consultation with a Facelove healthcare practitioner, you may find you require a lip filler treatment. Amazingly you may not need lip enhancement. Generally, lips are treated at the end of a treatment plan as they are aesthetically not as important as the mid-cheek or the marionette lines.

Be prepared to discuss the aesthetics of your face and what will and will not work. In our opinion, there are too many poorly done lip treatments walking around. This is because the lips do not match the rest of the face. At Facelove, our skilled injectors have an eye for detail and a passion for aesthetics. We don’t want to over-treat any part of the face.

+ - How does the treatment work?

Dermal filler is injected into the lips in a sequence that achieves balance and symmetry. You do need to come in about 1 hour before treatment to apply anaesthetic cream to your lips. Our healthcare practitioner will then administer the dermal fillers. The good news is that the filler also contains anaesthetic for maximum comfort.

You can see the results of your dermal filler lip injection immediately and as discussed all our dermal fillers are actually dissolvable for maximum safety.

At Facelove, we only use dissolvable dermal fillers for enhancing lips. Our Swedish and French dermal fillers are made from a sugar chain and are easily reversed if there is any problem.

+ - What can I expect on the day after treatment?

The lips are quite vascular and so bruising is possible. You should avoid omega 3, alcohol, anti-inflammatory drugs for 24 hours before your treatment. The lips also swell easily and so you can expect some swelling on the day and in the morning after.

+ - What can I expect from the treatment overall?

Dermal fillers in your lips should look undetectable. The bottom lip should remain bigger than the top and you should have more structure to the lip. Kissable, soft lips are the aim. We don’t do the ‘trout pout’ at facelove, so if it is your desired outcome, maybe select another clinic. Your dermal filler treatment should last 9-12 months, but this can vary. At Facelove, we constantly strive for outstanding results.

+ - How much should I expect to invest?

Depending on the type of filler used and desired outcome, treatments start from $660 and should last 9 to 12 months.

+ - FACT: Did you know that the top lip should ALWAYS be smaller than the bottom lip?

This is due to the ‘ratio of Phi”, a universal proportion of beauty. This ratio occurs in many beautiful items around us, such as architecture or flower petals. The ratio is 1: 1.618. In other words the bottom lip should be 1.6 times BIGGER than the top lip to be truly beautiful. That is why we look at a large top lip and we instinctively know that the woman was not born with it. It is mathematically incorrect. At Facelove, all our injectors understand this mathematical ratio and how it applies to the beauty of a lip enhancement.



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