You have exercised consistently and you feel like a fit and toned fighting machine. You always eat a macrobiotic organic, calorie-controlled diet…and you still have a double chin. Many of our clients ask, how to get rid of a double chin in Melbourne? Let’s be honest. Most of us aren’t quite that disciplined with our diet and exercise, but we’re no slouches either. You might find it easier to shift a few kilos and tone up on other parts of the body, but that stubborn bit of fat under your chin just won’t go. You would be surprised how common this is. Many people in Melbourne struggle with getting rid of a double chin

So what options do Melbourne residents have for losing A double chin?

Up until recently, there were only 2 options: Diet and exercise or chin liposuction. Diet and exercise. Most people have stubborn pockets of fat on their body that are extremely difficult to get rid of. It could be your love handles, thighs or belly. These stubborn areas are convenient in that they can be covered up with clothing. If your stubborn area is under your chin, it is not possible to always wear a scarf. That would be quite uncomfortable in summer. The difficult thing about stubborn double chins is that, this area is usually the last to show any signs of improvement. You could work really hard on losing weight and look absolutely amazing, but you still might have a pocket of fat remaining. This can be very frustrating. Liposuction. Liposuction can effectively remove stubborn pockets of fat under the chin. There are many who decide that this is the best option for them. Unfortunately, there are also a large number of people who are adverse to undergoing surgery for cosmetic purposes. There is down time to consider, potential scars as well as the risk of complications. Now you have a 3rd option: Fat dissolving injections. Fat Dissolving injections. This product has been used and refined in the United States for the past 10 years and has just recently been launched in Australia. This is the first non-surgical cosmetic method to be approved for the removal of double chins. You will need to meet with a practitioner first to ascertain whether or not you might be a suitable candidate. Unfortunately, this treatment won’t work on everyone. It depends of the extent of your double chin, skin laxity and current life style. The treatment itself involves a few injections to the problem area. The fat dissolving injection is an enzyme that ruptures the fat cell walls. This process allows the body to eliminate the fat as waste. The area will swell for a few days post treatment, but will then settle down. Most people require 2-4 treatments to achieve their desired result. If you are interested in this fat dissolving injectable treatment, please contact us on 1300 458 491 or