This story has repeated itself so many times here at Facelove that it is worth sharing. Although the details will change slightly, the sum of the story remains the same.

Francis (not a real patient) comes in for a consultation with one of our practitioners. They have a very informative consultation and are very happy with their plan and feel very comfortable with the skill of our injectors. The only thing is that Francis wants to shop around for a bargain. She reckons that she can get it cheaper so she leaves us and heads off into the sunset.

About a month later, Francis frantically calls the team at Facelove asking to come back in straight away. She is distraught. She went somewhere and found a “bargain”, but she is so unhappy. Her lips are too big. Her cheeks are uneven. Her eyebrows feel heavy.

She felt rushed and did not have the chance to ask many questions of her practitioner. We pride ourselves on offering all clients an initial 45 minute consultation. This allows ample time to ask questions and understand exactly what results will be achieved. 

Luckily for Francis, Facelove Medispa was able to help. We were able to dissolve her fillers and help make her anti-wrinkle injection treatments look a little more natural.

 The moral of this story is that it is important to feel comfortable with your injector and really feel like you are getting the best quality possible. It is your face after all.

 If you are not happy with your injectable treatment, come and see one of our highly skilled practitioners.