The 3 Signs of Ageing

  • Skin: collagen & elastin loss from the age of 25 
  • Muscle: overactive & repetitive contraction of facial muscles causing wrinkles  
  • Volume loss: facial sagging/hollowing due to loss of fat 

At Facelove we love to treat all 3 signs of ageing in order to achieve the best results for our patients.  

A good example is our beautiful patient Susan*. 


Natural Looking anti-wrinkle injections
She started to notice facial ageing and would like to address her wrinkles. Her occupation requires her to be outdoors in the sun most of the day and it is evident her skin has been affected greatly by sun exposure. She is also concerned that her lower face was beginning to droop and wasn’t as firm as before.

Treatment plan we made together:

  • Skin: Skincare: Vitamin B, C, peptide serums & daily SPF50+ Treatment: Weekly vascular and pigmentation IPL treatment & LED therapy for 5 weeks
  • Muscle: Antiwrinkle to the frown & forehead
  • Volume loss: 3mL filler to cheeks (2ml) and marionettes (1ml)

Susan’s results were achieved by multiple appointments over 2 months and the difference in her overall look is greatly influenced by the use of combining treatments of each way of ageing.

Now if Susan was treated with just injectable treatments only, it would be obvious her overall appearance wouldn’t appear as effective in achieving a refreshed result.

If you are unsure about what would work for you, we highly recommend coming in for a complimentary skin discovery consultation to work out a treatment plan tailored just for you.