During my late teens through to young adulthood, I had always felt a little insecure about my face shape. In the beginning, I always thought I looked really round and that I needed to have my photograph taken at a certain angle to avoid being pictured round or chubby. This wasn’t because I was overweight. I have always weighed 55kilos consistently, but my face wasn’t matching up with my body. No matter how much I worked out, I would still look round. I also noticed that I had a receding chin so I felt like my face was out of balance.

After finishing university, I started researching if there were any options available to help make my face appear longer or more oval. There were surgical options that I came across on google such as chin implants and jaw bone shaving. These all seemed way too invasive for me so I continued looking for something a little less radical.

I continued my quest on Google until I stumbled upon facial reshaping. I started reading about people who were able to achieve the exact result that I wanted with dermal fillers and anti-wrinkle injections. I liked the idea that it wasn’t surgical and if I wasn’t happy with the results, they weren’t permanent. I looked into this treatment more and began to look for clinics.

At my first consultation, the practitioner showed me a presentation which allowed me to understand proportions and balances of the face and I found it to be quite mathematical.

The practitioner assessed my chewing muscles for size and strength. I was asked if I grind or clench my teeth and if I suffered headaches. In fact, I do and have always had the occasional tension headache upon waking up in the morning. This all began to make more sense to me. It was because my chewing muscles were “bulky” so it made my face shape appear more square in the lower portion of my face.

I was told the treatment would take less than 10 minutes, there would be no down time and I could return to work after the appointment if I wanted to. The full results of the treatment would take about 4 weeks to show and last between 6 and 9 months.

Within 4 weeks, I noticed my results. I returned for my review appointment and my practitioner discussed dermal fillers to my chin to help with elongating my face and also give my chin more projection. The whole process was a learning experience and I now understand facial reshaping for beauty is possible.

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