Active skin care is expensive. There is no doubt about that, but if you want the results you are going to have to spend the money. To make sure that you are not throwing your money down the drain, there are a few things that you can do to get the most out of your skin care regime.

  1. Speak to a professional about your skin. Talk to them about all of your concerns and they will be able to recommend products that are suitable for your concerns.
  2. Take a couple of photos. Before you begin your new skin care regime, take a couple of photos of your skin. Take the photos at home, preferably in natural light and without makeup. Take a few close up and from different angles. These photos will give you a good baseline with which to compare your results.
  3. Be consistent. If you are supposed to use a product every day, use it every day. If you are not using your products consistently, you will not get the best results.
  4. Follow the directions. If a product says to apply to clean, dry skin, don’t try to apply it over your make-up.
  5. Keep a skin care journal. Before you begin your new regime, describe how your skin is feeling and what your concerns are. It is not necessary to write something down every day or even every week. Just note if you have any flaking, dryness or any other side effects. This is not necessarily a bad thing. Many active products actually bring out a lot of congestion before improving the quality of your skin.
  6. After 3 months, take some photos. Try to recreate the same conditions and angles as in the before photos. Compare.
  7. Re-evaluate. Did anything change? Are there any noticeable differences? If you aren’t happy with your results, it might be time to try a new regime. If you are happy, keep up the good work.