At Facelove Medispa, we are constantly upskilling our team of injectors to achieve artistic, natural results. It is important that we all achieve similar results and maintain high clinical standards.

It is great to get an international perspective and our Clinical Director Mike Clague was lucky enough to be invited to spend 2 whole weeks with the renowned Dr Ava Shamban in Los Angeles. Mike is responsible for the training of our injectable nurses along with our doctors.

Dr Shamban first met Mike 12 years ago when she came to Australia to present at a conference. Mike was working for Allergan at the time (A huge US company who makes injectable treatments). The two became friends and Dr Shamban asked Mike to visit for some advanced training. Dr Shamban believes that all injectable treatments should be natural looking and undetectable. A skill highly sought after. Dr Shamban presents all over the world and has been widely published in peer reviewed journals.

Mike will ensure our whole team gets all the pearls of knowledge from this US trip.

Dr Shamban has appeared on many US television shows.

Watch Dr Shambans show reel here