Hyperhidrosis is the name given to excessive sweating. It affects around 5% of the population. Excessive sweating can cause many debilitating side effects. Many sufferers of this condition avoid certain social functions for fear of wetting their shirt or showing armpit stains. It is common for a hyperhidrosis sufferer to wear black shirts as they avoid whites and colours. Some people use feminine hygiene pads strapped into their armpits for a big function where they need to stay dry.

This condition can also cause sufferers to avoid certain careers where they are required to shake hands a lot or wear corporate clothing. Brides and Grooms often have issues with excessive sweating on their wedding day. This issue is something you can easily treat.


There are some different ways to deal with hyperhidrosis;


  • Injectable muscle relaxants – this injectable muscle relaxant is well known throughout the world and commonly used to smooth out wrinkles in the face. Injecting the muscle relaxant superficially into the skin of the armpit slows the production of sweat by switching off the sweat gland. This process is relatively pain free and lasts 6 -9 months in most of our patients. This product is approved for use in the armpit by the Australian Government (relief of excessive sweating).
  • Aliminium Choloride deodorants – these are a stronger type of aluminium deodorant (Driclor). These products can be effective but are usually quite irritating to the skin. These deodorants must be applied when the skin is dry for best outcomes.
  • Surgery – you can remove sweat glands in the armpit with liposuction. You can also have an endoscopic thoracic sympathectomy (ETS) where they cut the sympathetic nerve to reduce sweating. The problem with this surgery is that frequently the excessive sweating moves to a new area (compensatory sweating).


If you need to discuss excessive sweating issues, make an appointment at Facelove Medispa and if our treatments are not suitable we can suggest other options.