Do false eye-lashes add or detract from your appearance?

Well, like all good things it depends on balance and your own features.

It is important to remember that facial harmony is about the mathematics of beauty. If something is out of balance it will change your whole face. False lashes have the potential to make you look much, much worse.  If they are too long or too thick they will not look natural.  Some people love that look and that is alright.  At Facelove we believe in facial harmony and you keeping you looking the best that you can. 

A few things to consider:

  1. If something is too far forwards, it will make things next to it look further back. For instance, a very long lash will make your eyeball appear to sink back into your head. We have never had somebody ask for treatments that make their eyes appear sunken back so why would you do it with a false lash?
  1. If the lash is very long it will create a shadow and darken your eye colour.
  1. Ask yourself do I really look better or worse? Take a photo from the side and check the length of the false lash.
  1. We believe a natural, beautiful aesthetic is the best. We guarantee a natural looking result with all our treatments.

Hope this information will be useful to you when considering if false lashes are for you or not.

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