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Surprises are great. When we look surprised we might lift our eyebrows up forming wrinkles that go from left to right across the forehead. Many of our patients feel that a smoother forehead looks refreshed and relaxed, a perfect addition to any anti-wrinkle treatment. How can you smooth away these forehead lines?


Our anti-wrinkle injections are registered in the ARTG, AUST R 67311, AUST R 172264

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What is the forehead wrinkle treatment?

People often overuse the muscles of the forehead during conversation. After repeated overuse, the wrinkles can deepen giving your forehead the appearance of corrugated iron. These lines run left to right and are horizontal.

How does the forehead wrinkle treatment work?

Anti-wrinkle injections are strategically placed on the forehead to reduce muscle movement while also not allowing the brow to sag. Results are visible at 7 to 14 days.

What can I expect immediately following the treatment?

You might experience some slight redness in the areas injected immediately following your treatment. As with any injectable treatment, slight bruising is a possible side effect.

What can I expect from the treatment overall?

After the anti-wrinkle injections have taken affect, you will notice reduced movement in the area. This stops lines and wrinkle from forming and lessening the appearance of deeper, static lines.

You should expect for your results to last for between 3 and 4 months, depending on the dose.

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