I’m well rested. I’m not sick. I’m not stressed. Life is going really well at the moment so why do I look so tired?

This is a question that we hear fairly regularly here at Facelove. Many people have dark circles under their eyes, which causes them to look drawn and downright tired. This can be exceptionally frustrating when you don’t feel that way on the inside.

 There are generally four main culprits for this condition.

  1. Genetics – passed down from your parents
  2. Shadows caused by volume loss to the face.
  3. Dark pigmentation under the eyes.
  4. A combination of the three.

 Friends and family might be regularly asking if ‘you’re tired’? If you are in Melbourne, the team at Facelove has a few potential solutions for you.

Dermal fillers to the cheeks and tear troughs can restore the volume that has been lost which helps to minimise the appearance of the dark circles. It is important to note that if you are interested in this treatment, you will probably have to treat your cheeks as well as your tear troughs. The reason for this is that you need to have a good support base for the filler under the eyes, resulting in a better outcome.

how to reduce eye bags at facelove

If your dark circles are caused by darker pigmentation, a lightening serum (containing Licorice Root extract) can be used to lighten the pigmented skin. Laser treatments may also reduce pigmentation or capillaries that create a darker colour.

 If you are tired of looking tired, make an appointment to see one of our practitioners here at Facelove Medispa to discuss your options.