My most favourite procedure to perform at Facelove is the Liquid Lift using dermal fillers!

This treatment is a non-surgical approach to an uplifted and rejuvenated face (like a facelift – except no knives are used, phew!). It is easy to maintain, require no serious downtime and lasts up to 12 -18 months.

When I look at the face, I look at it as one whole canvas. Every feature is related to one another and to create a beautiful result you must balance and harmonize the whole face with the dermal fillers.

Part of this treatment involves the assessment of our patient’s face to determine the appropriate areas to treat. What makes the liquid lift treatment so unique is that no face is the same and it is not your average cookie-cutter treatment.

The reason it is one of my favourite treatments to perform is because I receive a tremendous feeling of reward and great sense of satisfaction from our patient’s results. Not only do our patients love the natural results, they now also look the way they feel – Well-rested like they have been on a lovely holiday on a tropical island! Our patient in the photo is a true example of just that!

This treatment is spread into a few appointments and it is nice to gradually witness the results come to life. This gives me a chance to understand our patient’s needs even more and give them an opportunity to ask me any questions if required.

I love to see The Liquid Lift treatment as a beautiful journey together!


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