Many people believe that dark circles under the eyes or eye bags are a result of sleepless nights, stress and too much partying.  We hear our clients say that they are just a ‘little tired’ and that’s why these dark circles have appeared. Honestly, dark circles and eye bags are generally genetic in cause.  As the cheek falls with age the eyes hollow out.  You could also genetically have more pigment in the eye area.  Having a long restful sleep will only do so much to reduce dark circles under your eyes. Many of our clients say they hate their dark circles and eye bags because their friends always ask if they are tired (even when they are not).


What can be done about dark circles under the eyes and eye bags?

1. Dermal fillers

Injecting a safe sugar based dermal filler under the eyes lifts the area and reflects the light. The dark circles under the eyes are called tear troughs and these can be treated by a skilled clinician. Tear trough filler treatments require an artistic eye and at facelove we pride ourselves on our results. Our fillers are TGA approved and dissolvable adding an extra layer of safety. The investment for a treatment like this would be between $660 and $1300 and last 9 to 12 months.

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 2. Pigment fading skin serums 

Sometimes the area under the eye is pigmented as well as sunken. Medically active skin care can help to reduce pigmentation. These fading serums contain tyrosinase inhibitors, vitamin C and peptides. Licorice root extract is a powerful lightener and brightener of the skin.  Skin care companies can be deceiving so always choose a medically active range. The investment for medically active skin care should range between $110 and $330 and last around 3 months.

 3. Lower blepharoplasty 

As the cheek falls with age the lower eye bags become more visible. The muscles around the eye also weaken with time. If dermal fillers cannot produce a good outcome and the patient has a lot of loose skin then lower eye lid surgery may be the best option. This can cost between $5000 and $12,000 depending on the surgeon and the clinic. Always choose the surgeon wisely on reputation, not on price.

 4. Eye serums with Peptides 

Eye serums are either highly effective or a complete waste of money. There is nothing in between. Be careful wasting money on eye serums.  Check that the company is a medical skin care company and that they use active ingredients. Active ingredients bring about cellular change in the dermis. Peptides are the latest in skin care technology.  Rigin (a peptide) is desirable in an eye serum because it decreases inflammation. Plant stem cells are also often added to active eye serums and have been used to promote healing in burn victims.  A good quality eye serum should cost between $70 and $140 and should contain adequate concentrations of active ingredients.

 5. Laser treatments 

Laser treatments are designed to target particular colours in the skin. Lasers can target redness or pigmentation and heat those areas specifically. The white skin surrounding the area does not receive heat. This results in lighter and brighter coloured skin with less pigmentation and visible redness. Laser treatments can start from $350.

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