Regardless of how well you take care of your skin or how scrupulous your skincare routine is, you’ll probably notice your first signs of ageing in your late 20s (or you’re older and are now looking for a solution). There’s certainly nothing wrong with growing old gracefully, but if you prefer to preserve or restore your youthful-looking skin, there are many advances in cosmetic medicine that can allow you to do so. If you’d like to turn back the clock, anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne can reduce wrinkles, fine lines, and frown lines, giving you a safe, effective way back to fresh, radiant skin.

Here are a few benefits of these treatments.

  1. They don’t involve surgery
    One of the best things about anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne is that they are a non-surgical option with minimal downtime. No surgery means minimal personal risk as well as a minimal cost to you.
  2. They cause minimal discomfort
    If you hate the idea of surgery, anti-wrinkle injections may be for you. These treatments are administered by professionals and are quick and precise. The practitioner uses and extremely fine needle, which means that you’ll feel little more than a pinprick. A very cold device is also used to numb your skin and further decrease any discomfort.
  3. Results are quick
    With anti-wrinkle injections, the risk of extreme swelling or bruising is low, but may occur. These treatments are non-invasive. After two weeks, the treatment will have taken affect. Anti-wrinkle injections can reduce the appearance of wrinkles providing a more youthful look, just in time for that special event on your calendar.
  4. Recovery time is short
    Unlike surgical procedures, one significant advantage of injectables is their quick recovery time. Treatments take only a few minutes (depending on how many areas are treated); clients often show up for their appointments on their lunch breaks and go right back to work.
  5. You can wear makeup immediately after anti-wrinkle injections in Melbourne
    Some procedures require you to avoid makeup while you’re healing, but this isn’t always practical for professional women. Injectables cause such limited trauma to the skin that you can immediately reapply your makeup – as long as you are careful not to put too much pressure on the treatment sites.

If you’re looking for natural-looking results for your ageing skin (or want to help prevent those signs of ageing in the first place), anti-wrinkle injections may be the right solution. They’re less expensive and less invasive than surgery and provide excellent results that last for months. To learn more, contact us today to book your free, no-obligation consultation.