Anti-wrinkle injections have become vastly popular in recent years and many people have had treatments performed. The truth is that very few people are actually informed on how they work and the science behind them.

So what are Anti-wrinkle injections? They are purified proteins used by injection into the muscle to treat hyper functional facial lines or wrinkles. The enzyme responsible for muscle contractions is inhibited by injection of this purified protein, which in turn, relaxes the treated muscle. This results generally last 3-4 months or more and have been proven safe with decades of clinical study.

There are currently 2 major brands used in Australia however due to legal reasons, they cannot be advertised. Generally, there are no major differences between these brands and ultimately provide identical results with the same longevity and safety.

Before the injection of purified proteins were used to treat cosmetic concerns such as wrinkles, it was initially used to treat medical conditions such as muscle contractions experienced by children as young as 2 years old with cerebral palsy. Other medical conditions include excessive sweating, overactive bladders, cervical dystonia (painful contractions of neck muscles) and blepharospasm (eye muscle spasms).

Cosmetically, Anti-wrinkle injections can help alleviate fine lines and wrinkles caused by frowning (frown lines), smiling (crow’s feet) or various facial expressions (forehead lines). Other uses of Anti-wrinkle injections include facial slimming with symptoms associated with headaches such as teeth grinding and/or clenching.

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