1st Appointment

Patient and the practitioner developed a personalized treatment plan tailored to her specific concerns.

A natural result was what the patient asked for. She wanted to look like herself but more rejuvenated – this was extremely important to her.

Her first treatment consisted of using anti-wrinkle injections to help minimize the appearance of frown lines, crow’s feet and gummy smile.

Appointment 1

Patient was booked in for a follow-up review appointment in 2 weeks.

2nd Appointment

Patient returned for a 2 week follow-up review. Frown lines and crow’s feet has responded to anti-wrinkle treatments well. Patient is very happy and requested to proceed the next treatment detailed in her plan.

To restore loss of volume in the cheeks, 2ml of dermal filler was used to create a rounded and fuller cheek.

Appointment 2

Appointment 2

Rebooked patient in for a 2 week appointment for review and next treatment.

Frown Lines Before and After @ facelove

Gummy smile Before and After @ facelove

3rd Appointment

The dermal filler in the cheek had settled and improved the appearance of patient’s mouth/laugh lines. This appointment focused on patient’s lower face, addressing loss of volume in the mental crease and chin. 1ml of dermal filler was administered in these areas.

Appointment 3

Appointment 3

Review in 3 weeks for photographs.

Cheek filler Before and After


Review Appointment – Final Photographs

Patient returns for her final appointment and review. The overall result for the patient is a refreshed, natural looking appearance. Before and after photographs taken.

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