How does this happen?

Why do they both look “sad in the eyes”?

How can an injector not see that they have done this to their patient? Why would an injector do this to their patient and make them look worse?

Well the answer to these questions is about training, skill, experience and an aesthetic eye.  

If you over treat the eye area with anti-wrinkle injections you can paralyze many more muscles than you seek to.  

As a cosmetic injector you need to assess your patient and their individual anatomy.  Once you have assessed the muscle pattern of the patient you can plan your Crow’s feet anti-wrinkle injection treatment. 

Importantly, this is not a wrinkle ‘eraser’ it has to be respected and understood. It relaxes the muscles that cause the wrinkle upon contraction.  BUT your smile is an important part of your communication as a human being. 

At Facelove our injectors are skilled all with over 10 years experience each. And all well trained.  We are all trainers of other injectors and well respected in our industry. 

Here is how the anti-wrinkle injection treatment can be performed naturally and effectively preserving the beauty of the patient. You should ALWAYS look BETTER not worse after an injectable treatment. 

    Natural Looking anti-wrinkle injections


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