No one would ever dare say that being a woman is easy. They would be foolish indeed. Women are busier and more strapped for time than ever before. Careers, families, children, friends…

Thankfully, the beauty industry has kept up with these hectic schedules. This allows for women to get haircuts, colouring, nails, makeup, waxing etc… immediately before a big event and look absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, this does not hold true for cosmetic injectable treatments. You should always allow at least 2, but preferably 4 weeks after injectable treatments before any big event. This does not mean that you need to hide from the world during this time. Your results will just be at their absolute best after this time. Imagine flowers; you would never buy flowers that haven’t finished opening to use as your wedding bouquet. You need to give them some time.

Here are some tips on planning your injectable treatments to suit your schedule:

  1. Anti-wrinkle injections generally last for 3-4 months and dermal fillers last for 9-12 months. This means that you can have injections weeks before a big event and not have to worry about it for some time. Imagine if you could do this with your hair.
  2. Big social functions do creep up throughout the year, but let’s be honest, you know when your busy time is. From Spring Racing Carnival to Christmas, you will undoubtedly be flitting from one social engagement to the next. Make an appointment for August or September and this should see you through the madness.
  3. Holidays also don’t tend to creep up on us. Plan for injectables a month or two before you go.
  4. If you find it difficult to actually fit the appointment into your schedule, why not trying to take a “me day”. Take the kids to day care, go have a massage (before, not after injectables), take yourself out for lunch and then come for your appointment. If you work that hard, you deserve a day to yourself.

You should always find time to show yourself some love.