Excessive sweating is more common than you think.

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating affects a much larger population than previously reported. A survey was conducted in the US which revealed that the prevalence of hyperhidrosis is 2.8-7.8 million individuals. One third of sufferers reported that their sweating is barely tolerable to intolerable and frequently interferes, or always interferes with daily activities.

Impact on daily life

Sufferers of hyperhidrosis may experience negative impact on various measures such as emotional or social situations. These may include, but not limited to:

  • Number of clothing changes needed per day can be a nuisance to daily activities
  • Self-esteem problems
  • Productivity at work being affected
  • Ability to be intimate
  • Ability to participate in athletic activities

How can it be treated?

In the past, individuals with hyperhidrosis were treated with surgical options which often resulted in undesirable complications.

However, minimally non-invasive, non-surgical treatments have been an increasingly popular option.

Hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating can be successfully treated with anti-wrinkle injections have proven to be extremely effective with long-lasting results with no clinically shown complications.

Anti-wrinkle injections are administered to areas that commonly produce sweat (ie. Under the arms). It works by blocking a neurotransmitter that is responsible for initiating the sweat glands to produce sweat, which in turn decreases sweat production.

Don’t let the Melbourne heat get to you this Summer. If excessive sweating is a concern for you, come in and see one of our highly skilled practitioners.